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Pocket Max 1.00

Handy collection of tools for your PDA

Pocket Max is everything you need for your Pocket PC, with full support for Windows Mobile Phone Edition and WM2003SE. With features ranging from an application launcher to an RSS newsreader, it has a huge range of possibilities compared with its competitors.

Features of Pocket Max include:

  • innovative user-interface - accesible, fast and easy!
  • launch applications like you are used to from working with a desktop pc
  • browse your device and storage cards with the integrated file explorer
  • read your favorite news feed anywhere, anytime using the built-in RSS reader
  • automatically update feeds when connected to Active Sync, so your news are always up-to-date even if your device lacks GPRS or WLAN.
  • powered by eInk, the engine behind 'Sketch It' and 'I Comment' allows you to take notes directly on your today screen.
  • complete memory information is available on your today screen, no need to check the settings.
  • detailed information about SIM-card and provider, automatically updates SIM information so you can check your current operator and phone number anytime.
  • full support for Cell Profiler v2, displays your current location, cell-id, time of next scan and more - quickly enable Q-profiles or peform a location scan.
  • need a break? play Snake on your today screen, features a permanent high-score and beautiful hand-drawn sprites.
  • comes with a complete user-manual, so you can start using Pocket Max right away!
  • low memory footprint, Pocket Max has been written using raw C - no big class libraries or slow script language like .net/mfc or vb used here!
  • optimized for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and 2005 with full landscape support

Great utility for your Pocket PC, packed with features.

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Pocket Max


Pocket Max 1.00

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